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Happy Spring Break!

Ah, the end to a long week! It’s been a great first week doing nights on Candy. Appreciate all the calls, texts, tweets, etc. that have come in since Monday.

I know most folks are getting out of town for Spring Break good times. Whatever you do, be safe while you’re having fun alright? Figure I’d give you a playlist of songs to plug into your iPod as your driving wherever you’re going. Let’s kick it off with the Chilifest 2014 must-listen-to-Spring-Break-Party songs!

  • Randy Rogers Band “Fuzzy” – It’s basically a Texas country version of the movieĀ The Hangover. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.
  • Turnpike Troubadours “Before The Devil Knows We’re Dead” – I think it might just be best to give this one a listen instead of me spell it out for you.
  • Roger Creager “Crazy Again” – Alright, this one is more suited for me, but no matter how old I get, I can always get a little crazy again!
  • Cody Johnson “Dance Her Home” – When you’re out partying at the beach, we all know you’ll be looking for that girl that you can “dance home” if ya know what I mean!
  • Whiskey Myers “Anna Marie” – One of the coolest and catchiest beats from these Southern Rockers!
  • Band of Heathens “What’s This World” – Very eclectic band. This might be one of the least downright party songs, but it’s just so darn good.
  • JB & The Moonshine Band “Sticker Peck Out” – What’s Spring Break without a little innuendo?!
  • William Clark Green “It’s About Time” – This is perfect for the person who just got dumped. It’s about time you get out there and have some fun.
  • The Damn Quails “So So Long” – Another very eclectic band. These guys are so versatile and this song is great to roll the windows down to.

Yes, I know I left the Docs and Hank Jr. off. Honestly, I don’t know much of the Docs music and Hank Jr. has way too many songs that are great for partying, if I named just one, I’d be doing him an injustice.

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#TBT: @thedamnquails

One of the things that excites me about being part of Chilifest 2014 is that I’ll get to see the Damn Quails again. It’s been way too long! They joined me when I was at the Ranch on TMI and we had some fun in studio:

Tomorrow morning is Chilifest team sign ups, and that’s the ONLY way to be able to see The Damn Quails, William Clark Green, Whiskey Myers and others. Don’t miss your chance for a hell of a Friday night party!

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Friday Night Tunes: @WilliamCGreen – Caroline

Well it’s not a rowdy hell raising song, but “Caroline” from William Clark Green is a great song to throw on for a Friday night.

Will easily had one of the best albums of the year in 2013 with Rose Queen but his older stuff showed that he was ready for a breakthrough years ago.

Don’t forget that Will is part of Chilifest 2014 on Friday night. Be sure to sign up for your chili team next Friday to have your chance to see one of the next big things to hit the Texas scene. If you’re not impressed, I’ll let you slap my momma!

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Slow Dancin’ Saturday: @Aaron_Watson

Hope you had an amazing Valentine’s and the romance carries over to tonight. Maybe this song will help ya out a little bit.

I’ve found that saying “shut up” to a woman doesn’t get them primed for a sexy night. That is unless you’re singing her this sexy waltz from the Honky Tonk Kid!

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Happy Valentine’s Day


This is always my motto for Valentines Day. It’s just another day, don’t stress about it. You don’t need a day to love that special person that candy and card companies deem as the “day of love.” Love everyday!

For single people, know that love finds everyone. Be patient and God will bring thay person to you in His time.

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#TBT: Rodney Parker on TMI

I had a lot of fun in Fort Worth with the TMI cameras. Here’s one of the really fun nights with Rodney Parker from 2011!

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Slow Dancin’ Saturday: @CodyJohnsonBand

My wife and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Yes, it’s been 9 years and she hasn’t killed me yet! In preparing for today’s song pick, I thought about going back to songs that she and I listened to early in our relationship. After going through about 20 songs that could have fit, I just don’t think I could do any better than a newer song.

To me, nothing says sexy like a cowboy singing a waltz. Guys, pull this song out to let your lady know that you know you’re lucky to have her. This song is great for guys who spend lots of times away from home for work.

Cody Johnson‘s Cowboy Like Me is my early pick for record of the year.

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